Writer | Historian | User Research Consultant

Hi, I’m Carly Buxton. I’m a writer, historian, and user research consultant working to make the world a more understanding place by promoting empathy in historical practice and experience design.

I write books that take seriously the power of the subliminal mind in decision-making. My approach to historical practice (which I call “History of the Moment”) encourages readers to honor historical subjects as embedded in the ideals and taboos of their environment.

In my work as a user researcher, I help teams imagine and implement products, customer experiences, education systems, social services, and change movements that consider the patterns and pressures of everyday life, that value the perspectives and needs of a human being moving through this loud and vibrant world.

Constantly learning. Intensely efficient. Japanese speaker. Doula. Former flight attendant. Captivating stories to tell, and always carefully listening.