it’s time to thrive as a virtual provider.

Pandemic or not, virtual support is here to stay.​

But connecting with a client through a screen is simply not the same as supporting someone in person. Tele-support requires an additional set of very specific skills, and this 10-chapter eBook provides the motivating, digestible, quick-start overview that will help you be as effective as possible with virtual clients.

How is virtual care different from in-person care? How can we make the most of its advantages, and how can we combat its disadvantages to provide the best remote support for our clients? This 52-page guide to virtual support is designed for specialists in the world of perinatal care, but the topics covered can be helpful to any professional who incorporates digital tools in client relationships. It’s mostly targeted toward experts who offer 1:1 remote consultations with their clients, but it also touches on other methods of virtual care delivery, such as online group meetings, on-demand courses, and more.

Best Practices in Virtual Perinatal Support distills research from the fields of psychology, anthropology, and telemedicine to provide you with actionable tips and steps that will help you feel confident as you move forward with your digital perinatal business.


  • Overview
  • Types of Virtual Support
  • Setting Up for Success
  • Make the Most of Virtual Care’s Advantages
  • Relationship Building and Virtual Care
  • Improving Virtual Communication
  • Structuring Your Care
  • Equity and Inclusivity
  • Customer Satisfaction and Success
  • Get Started Now!

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