User experience research and insight strategy for startups, growth-stage companies, academic institutions, and nonprofits

A clear understanding of your customers–their challenges, motivations, and who they are as people–will help you grow your presence and improve your customer experience. As a User Experience Researcher, Market Researcher, and Strategy Consultant, I will work with you and your team to distill the user insights that will move your business forward.

I specialize in research that helps teams understand the pain points, aspirations, daily habits, and decision-making of parents and children.

Freelance consulting services ($150/hr) include:

  • In-depth user studies and persona projects
  • Customer survey design, deployment, and analysis
  • Expert reviews with full reporting
  • Information architecture testing
  • Focus group moderation
  • Group business seminars and workshops on topics such as:

User Research 101

This 2-hour workshop guides your team through the basics of how to listen to your users to gain insights that move your business forward.

Survey Design for Insights

In 3 hours, rework your existing customer survey or start completely from scratch to design a methodologically sound customer survey that is clear, direct, and actually useful to you and your team. Ideal for assessing customer satisfaction, scoping product pivots, and developing marketing language

Creative Insight Synthesis

Bring your data, your survey responses, your anecdotes, and your questions and throw them on the table. In 4 hours, I will lead a guided affinity diagramming session to help your team distill key themes from diverse sets of findings, to discover opportunities and identify areas for further questioning.

Let’s work together.